ANOREXIA NERVOSA "Drudenhaus" 12'' LP
Osmose Productions

ANOREXIA NERVOSA "Drudenhaus" 12'' LP

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Re-issue, 250 black vinyl 12" (140g), full-color innersleeve on 220g, full-color jacket on 350g with HOT FOIL stamping (magnesium, 2 panels), all assembled in a PVC overbag.

At long last, OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS reissues ANOREXIA NERVOSA's classic Drudenhaus on vinyl format! Forecasted by the transitional Sodomising the Archedangel EP just a year earlier, Drudenhaus completed ANOREXIA NERVOSA's aesthetic makeover into grand symphonic black metal tyrants just as the new millennium was beginning. Whereas the previous EP displayed a crazed version of symphonic black metal, here the band presented a more finessed and dynamic version of the subgenre, truly putting their own unique - and diabolically French - twist on it, giving rise to high drama and epic feelings. Although issued on picture disc format during its original release, now Drudenhaus receives the proper full-vinyl treatment - enter the halls of madness once again!