AT THE GATES "Terminal Spirit Disease" 12'' LP

AT THE GATES "Terminal Spirit Disease" 12'' LP

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Sweden's At the Gates formed in 1990 and the Gothenburg based group released 4 highly successful and influential studio albums before the band broke up in 1996. They later reformed in 2007 & have been embarking upon successful & high profile live shows across the globe in recent years.
At the Gates developed a unique & pioneering sound in the early 90s of intense yet complex & melodic death metal cementing their reputation as one of the forerunners of the European death metal scene - mixing a ferocious blend of distinct melody and brutal riffs into a sound that was extreme yet remained memorably listenable. In their 6 year history the five piece built a solid reputation for delivering great albums and frenetic live performances. 
Terminal Spirit Disease was originally released in 1994 & brought in a more streamlined & catchy style to the songwriting, which was further developed & refined on their fourth & final studio album, Slaughter of the Soul.
This edition of Terminal Spirit Disease is presented on 180gm heavyweight vinyl.