BLUT AUS NORD "Disharmonium - Nahab"  Gatefold 12" LP
Debemur Morti

BLUT AUS NORD "Disharmonium - Nahab" Gatefold 12" LP

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Pressed on black heavy vinyl. Comes with an A2 poster and a download card.

"Nahab" - the second part of the Disharmonium cycle - finds BLUT AUS NORD returning, as if by compulsion, to the Weird nightmarish otherworlds of H.P. Lovecraft to reflect them through a new mirror of terrifying Black Metal lunacy.

In the dead-eyed trance of one demonically summoned, the band has once again channelled esoteric folklore and modern violence into another phenomenal slice of outsider art which befits its own Mythos and monstrosity. A Crowning Horror indeed.