CRIMSON MOON  "Oneironaut"  Gatefold DLP
W.T.C. Productions

CRIMSON MOON "Oneironaut" Gatefold DLP

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Vinyl version of Crimson Moon's latest full length album, Oneironaut. Comes as a Gatefold Double LP, with  400 copies in black vinyl and a A2 sized Poster.

Side D includes bonus tracks, recorded exclusively for this vinyl edition.

Side A

1. Gossamer of Arachne    
2. Molding of a Spell    
3. Seeker of the 7th Gate    

Side B

1. Weaver of the Web      
2. Urilian Worm      

Side C

1. Oneironaut

Side D

1. March of the Scythe
2. Serpent Beneath the Skin
3. Sender of Nocturnal Visions
4. Luminiferous Aether
5. Under the Serpentine Spell