ISSOLEI "Devouring Current I: Crystalline Fractures" 12'' MLP
Terratur Possessions

ISSOLEI "Devouring Current I: Crystalline Fractures" 12'' MLP

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  Full-colored jacket, black flooded inside
    Black poly-lined inner-sleeve
    180g BLACK vinyl
    Plastic protection sleeve

Unpredictable, challenging and intricate Black Metal from Trondheim, Norway. What separates this band from the ‘usual Terratur releases’, whatever that really means, is the intense technical variations of this band. At times so dissonant it gets you to a breaking point, only to be left marveled by another genius twist with their ingenious songwriting. I stand in ave! Although the resemblance to a certain French act springs to mind, ISSOLEI delivers something unique if you ask me. Play loud repeatedly to fully grasp it all, this band requires your full attention.

Originally the two Devouring Current EPs used to be their debut album, recorded back in 2014, but as it was well over an hour long, it was split into two releases, edited slightly and fully mastered in 2020. Cilicium was recorded in 2017 and shows the band regressing slightly in both arrangements and production, moving backwards into even darker territories. As the band got a new vocalist in 2020, the band already has a substantial history over 15 years after its inception, and it’s with immense pleasure Terratur Possessions gets to present all this at the same time while we wait in anticipation for more to come.

Though it might sound like multiple guitar tracks, Devouring Current in its entirety has only a single track of one guitar. The guitar effects were pre-programmed and recorded as presented on the released album.

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