KRINGA "All Stillborn Fires, Lick My Heart!" 12'' LP
Terratur Possessions

KRINGA "All Stillborn Fires, Lick My Heart!" 12'' LP

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    • Jacket with inside-out print and flooded black inside
    • Printed inner-sleeve
    • Black vinyl
    • Plastic protection sleeve


    All Stillborn Fires, Lick my Heart! is truly a ride of ups and downs, a journey of lunacy, unpredictable, diverse and grand in its simplicity; classic KRINGA in other words.

    Although nothing new under the black sun, the band has taken everything just a step further, naturally after 13 years of existence. Dare I say this is their best work to date? I do. And I will! Layered with manic riffing, howls and screams, intensity and viciousness, the album takes you to places you dared not dream even existed.

    Take as needed for the pain and play loud, let the savagery compel you!

    Recorded and mixed by Moritz Morast at Neudegg Alm, April 2021.
    Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory Mastering.
    Additional sounds by M. Morast & B. Resch.

    Chemigrams & Portraits by K. Feldhammer
    Collage & Artwork by J. Meindlhumer