LORD OF PAGATHORN  "Nekros Philia" Gatefold LP
Woodcut Records

LORD OF PAGATHORN "Nekros Philia" Gatefold LP

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(Woodcut Records – CUT068)

1.Intro “In a Dream”
2.Chapter I Pt.1 “The Asylum Gates” Pt.2 “The Path Leads Astray”
3.Interlude I “Descended Pestilence”
4.Chapter II Pt. 1 “The Unholy Face of Fate” Pt. 2 “On a Home Soil”
5.Chapter III Pt.1 “Buried Secrets” Pt.2 “Sinister Sister Inn”
6.Chapter IV Pt. 1 “Old Bell Tolls” Pt. 2 “Nocturnal Noora”
7.Intro “The Trap”
8.Chapter V Pt. 1 “Robbing the Breathing” Pt. 2 “My Garden of Eden, Underground Eden”
9.Interlude II “The Beast in Man”
10.Chapter VI Pt. 1 “Full Moon Necrophilia” Pt. 2 “Ritual”
11.Chapter VII Pt. 1 “The Awakening” Pt. 2 “Imprisoned” Pt. 3 “Potion of Poison”
12.Outro “Necropolis”

During the years 2013 – 2014 three ghoul-spirits from Lord Of Pagathorn were chanting the recordings and invocations for the first full length album, titled as “NEKROS PHILIA” in Drophammer dungeons. Compact disc and vinyl versions were mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde / Virtalähde Mastering. Album cover artwork made by Helgorth / Babalon Graphics. “NEKROS PHILIA” debut album was released by Woodcut Records under the Waning Moon in the year of the Devil 2014 as a digipak cd and noble gatefold LP formats. Let the dirty saga begin!