MANII "Innerst I Moerket" 12'' LP
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MANII "Innerst I Moerket" 12'' LP

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  • Jacket with letterpress print details
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  • Black vinyl

Time flies and it's hard to realize 5 years has already passed since the last MANII output; the fantastic and uneasy Sinnets Irrganger. The bleakness of that album is a rarity and it's still an album I keep going back to in the darkest days and moods of the year. Make no mistake: Innerst i Mørket continues right where they left off, but that said, this time the music is even darker, though with a bigger sound contributed by the eminent drummer V. Enride behind the kit, better known from WHOREDOM RIFE and SYNING, to mention a few. As always, MANII delivers severely dicomforting and haunting music, something Cernunnus is an absolute master of as one might know from his other projects like MANES, SYNING, LETHE and more, again completed with some of the most impressive vocals I've heard in years by Sargatanas(old MANES). I dare say this is their best release to date, and you can quote me on that.

I'll use a sentence I wrote in the description of Sinnets Irrganger back in the day, as it fits more than ever with this one:

MANII harnesses layers and levels, which musically invoke a level of malaise that isn't easy to portray. An unappeasable expression of the desperation of existence, and the ever reaching depth of the scorn of self...



1. Innerst I Mørket - 37:32

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