MUTIILATION "Destroy your Life for Satan" 10'' LP
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MUTIILATION "Destroy your Life for Satan" 10'' LP

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Hot on the heels of the release of the Black Millenium album Meyhna'ch recorded this five-song cassette-only EP strictly limited to 100 copies as the original release.
Presented here are two new songs (the title track and "The Ugliness Inside"), two re-recordings of older songs ("Transylvania" from the Vampires... album and "Black Millenium", and a cover of Venom's "Possessed".

Hateful, depressive, raw black metal from this french master who has survived time and death to haunt this decayed world!
This is the anthem to your demise!

Re-issue, 500x half white, half black 10", printed insert on 140g offset paper, jacket on 350g. Assembled in a PVC overbag.