PARFAXITAS "Weaver Of The Black Moon" Gatefold 12" LP
Terratur Possessions

PARFAXITAS "Weaver Of The Black Moon" Gatefold 12" LP

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- Gatefold jacket flooded black inside

- UV details

- Booklet

- Double-sided poster

- Black vinyl

- Plastic protection sleeve


PARFAXITAS - Weaver of the Black Moon


Venturing into the world of Nightbringer, Abigor and Sinmara, with hints of Emperor-esque grandeur, Parfaxitas is a new project by familiar faces;. K.R of Whoredom Rife, B.Einarsson of Sinmara/Slidhr, Azlum of Merihem/Oculus/Manetheren, and YhA from Suffering Hour. It’s a grand declaration of war, a monumental feat of organized chaos, an album filled to the brim of intricate Black Metal. This is an album in full, where every song works as a fundament to make it stand tall amongst giants, an album that demands your attention for nearly 50 minutes.


Submerge yourself in Parfaxitas’ debut album and let the power of Satan compel you.