PLAGUE WEAVER "Ascendant Blasphemy" CD
PLAGUE WEAVER "Ascendant Blasphemy" CD
Independent Release

PLAGUE WEAVER "Ascendant Blasphemy" CD

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Independent release, Jewel Case with 8 Page Booklet

Debut album of Canadian Plague Weaver . Black/Doom Metal


"Sin VII - Dislike: None" Metal 1on1
"A fantastic example of how you do black/doom right" Metal Crypt
"In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Plague Weaver " OccultBlackMetal Zine
"Ascendant Blasphemy will try to burn you to a crisp with its hellish heat and blasphemous airs" Rockmusicraider
"Ascendant Blasphemy is a solid album for fans of largely mid-paced, compositionally adventurous black metal" Metal Observer
"A tone poem for malevolence and ultimately a submergence into something dark and bleakly compelling"  Metal Rules
"PLAGUE WEAVER should be proud of this album. With little reprieve, this album is an all-out assault of the senses from start to finish." Metal Temple
"Plague Weaver have crafted a tapestry of tale and torment. Not a moment is dull as they explore pathos and the morbid through weaving, frightening sound and creative composition."  Jace Media
"Fans of all things blackened will find a lot to love here and repeat listens are wholly encouraged." The Metal Dad
" It’s ferocious, it’s fiery, and it burns."  The Razors Edge