THERIOMORPH "Diabolical Bloodswords"  Gatefold 12"LP
Terratur Possessions

THERIOMORPH "Diabolical Bloodswords" Gatefold 12"LP

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THERIOMORPH is the ghost of what once was CORNIGR, a project by many considered as one of Terratur Possessions definitive highlights.
As Cornigr was laid to rest, P.E.Packain(aka Vainaya) wanted to explore wider musical grounds when the highly recommended Adaestuo project suddenly arose. A platform for exploring suddenly emerged and much of the originally planned Theriomorph material was used. The urge to make something new on his own grew once again., and Theriomorph is a project largely based off ideas dating back to before Cornigr - 'Funereal Harvest', and the album is an absolute accomplishment, an amazing feat from start to finish, a unique Black Metal album which never leaves the roots of the genre.