UMBRA CONSCIENTIA "Nigredine Mundi"  Gatefold 12"LP
Terratur Possessions

UMBRA CONSCIENTIA "Nigredine Mundi" Gatefold 12"LP

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The unlikely origins of the Costa Rica and German based band UMBRA CONSCIENTIA, return with their second album; 'Nigredine Mundi', yet again released by Terratur Possessions.
In 2019 the band came out of the blue and blew people away with their relentless, punishing debut; 'Yellowing of the Lunar Consciousness'. With hints to bands like Funeral Mist and Katharsis, you should know what to expect. The band swiftly gained a following with superb feedback all around, and now, two years later, it's time for a follow up.
What to expect? The same, yet I would dare say this album is toned down a smidge in terms of speed, and thus a tad heavier than its predecessor.
The band has yet again delivered an agressive, heavy, hard hitting, pitch Black Metal album and there's no holding back.