WHOREDOM RIFE "Den Vrede Makt" digiCD
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WHOREDOM RIFE "Den Vrede Makt" digiCD

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The 4th fullenght by the traditionalists of Whoredom Rife is upon us!

6 brand new hymns of total destruction, darkness and the melancholic beauty of hate and despair, something we as humans are feeling daily.

Recently celebrating their 10th year of existence, the band has slowly but surely clawed their way up into the ranks of the bigger names, with integrity intact. never straying away from their original approach; celebrating Norwegian Black Metal through and through.

As the rope tightens, all we can do is accept our fate and dance to the thunderous beats of ravenous, traditional Black Metal!

Not much more needs to be said. Let the power of Whoredom Rife compel you!