WHOREDOM RIFE "Winds Of Wrath" Gatefold 12"LP
Terratur Possessions

WHOREDOM RIFE "Winds Of Wrath" Gatefold 12"LP

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Full-colored gatefold jacket with die-cut splipcase and UV details, flooded black inside, 12 pages booklet, 3 double-sided inserts, double-sided poster, black vinyl.

Six new hymns of traditional Norwegian Black Metal, heavily rooted in the 90ies glory days, or as V.Einride says; "we're not retro, we're just late".
Both K.R and V. Einride having more than 30 years longevity in the Norwegian Black Metal scene, the band is not exactly new to this.
Epic and grandiose, melancholic and utterly aggressive; Winds of Wrath is truly a tumultous ride to Hell and back.
The album was written, recorded and performed by V.Einride, as always aided by vocalist K.R, whose vocal performance on this album is downright frightening. Rarely do one hear a vocalist spew forth hatred in such a convincing manner.
Winds of Wrath is perhaps their most complete album to date in all regards, and features stunning performances by both members, as the band still to this day remains a two piece act.